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Search Methodology

Search Methodology

  • 1. Need Assessment

    This stage is an important step in the recruitment process. Based on the Job description we mutually evolve the functional and behavioral competencies required. We also compile information about the competitors, compensation structure and the future growth for the given position. The success factors and the Key Result areas are also discussed at this stage.

  • 2. Search Strategy

    In this stage, we work out the action plan by mapping the industry. We also identify the various sources we can use to fulfill the requirement of our client. We hold regular review sessions with our clients to make sure we are on right track and also provide them regular feedback and updates on the response we are getting from candidates.

  • 3. Prospective Candidates Identification

    We use various sources to identify candidates for fulfilling the requirement of our client. This includes direct headhunting, social Media ,industry associations, and database.

    We speak with the candidates about the job profile and company profile and what are their expectations and career aspirations. A frank approach helps us to win the confidence of the candidates.

  • 4. Candidate Interviews & Evaluation based on Competency

    Once the candidate has desired his interest in the opening, we scrutinize and evaluate the candidates according to the functional expertise , behavioral competencies and cultural fit as required for the given position .

  • 5. Presentation of Shortlisted Candidates to clients

    After conducting the preliminary interview, we prepare a summarized report in our own format along with a summary report. This includes a competency Matrix .
    The client will find our report helpful to see the details of all the candidates at a glance along with our feedback.

  • 6. Client Candidate Interviews

    We coordinate at all stages right from telephone interview, video conferencing, to organize personal interviews till the time the candidate joins clients organization. We also offer assistance in negotiating the compensation part prior to the formal written offer. We counsel the candidate on the formalities of resignation from the current employment.

  • 7. Reference Checking

    We always help our client by carrying out reference and existing salary checks provided by the candidate and also check with the third party references from our side as it allows us to throw better light on the hidden information.

  • 8. Search Completion

    We make sure that the requirement of our client is fulfilled in the desired time. We maintain high levels of confidentiality throughout the process.

    To make sure that the selected candidate joins our client organization, we maintain a continuous follow up with our candidate and keep the client updated on his status.

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